The Influential Relationship of Strategic Flexibility in Business Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Companies’ Sector in Jordan

Ziad Ali Eid Alshawabkeh, Shaima’a Abdelqader Jaffal
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume IX, Issue 3, 79-98, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/720


Purpose: This study aims to investigate the impact of strategic flexibility on business sustainability in pharmaceutical companies in Jordan. Design/Methodology/Approach: The researchers have designed a questionnaire consisting of (37) items that included the independent variable, strategic flexibility in its dimensions (productivity, marketability, competitiveness, and proactivity), and the dependent variable in business sustainability with its dimensions (economic, social, and environmental). It was distributed to pharmaceutical companies in Jordan, where the researchers used the comprehensive survey method as the size of the study population reached (125) managers, the sample size was (125), among which (123) were valid for analysis, and two were excluded. Findings: The study found a set of results, including the level of both strategic flexibility as well as its dimensions (productive flexibility, marketability, competitiveness, and anticipation) and business sustainability, as well as its dimensions (economic, social, and environmental), in pharmaceutical companies being high, according to the viewpoint of the sample members, as well as the existence of a statistically significant impact at 5% level of significance of strategic flexibility with its combined and individual dimensions (productivity, marketability, competitiveness, and proactivity) on business sustainability in its combined dimensions (economic, social, and environmental). Practical Implications: The study recommends higher management in pharmaceutical companies and boards of directors to pay more attention to the topics of business sustainability in its dimensions (economic, social, and environmental) and strategic flexibility in its dimensions (productivity, marketability, competitiveness, and proactivity), especially in light of the conditions that the world is experiencing under the impact of the Corona pandemic and its negative repercussions on the economy and human health.

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