Problems of Implementation of National Projects: Breaking in the Period of the Pandemic and the Way Out of the Crisis

Zyryanov Sergey M., Kalmykova Anastasia V.
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 848-860, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/634


Purpose: The purpose of the article is to find ways out of the crisis caused by the corona-virus pandemic when implementing national projects based on a comparative analysis of measures taken in different countries. Design/Methodology/Approach: the authors of the study rely on the methods of compara-tive legal studies, interpretation of legal concepts and regulatory legal acts. The authors proceed from the premise that the nature of regulatory goals and problems associated with COVID-19 in different countries also implies the possibility of using solutions that are simi-lar in their content. Findings: The authors conclude that large-scale economic and social projects are being implemented in many countries, while the success of such projects is determined not only and not so much by the amount of financing of the projected activities, but by the creation of an institutional and legal framework. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed down the implementation of national projects in all countries of the world, howev-er, the problems arisen are solved in different countries in different ways. The most common measure to support national projects is extra funding, which could be directed to partici-pating companies or consumers of their products. However, solutions aimed at creating favorable conditions for doing business, as is done, for example, in the UK, deserve the highest praise. Practical Implications: The results could be implemented into the practice of the Russian Federation and other countries in order to resume the implementation of national projects in the context of overcoming the crisis situation caused by the spread of COVID-19. Originality/Value: The main contribution of this article is to conduct a comparative legal analysis of the regulation of national projects and measures to overcome the crisis situa-tion, implemented in Russia, the USA, Great Britain and European countries.

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