Implementation of a Lean Management Approach into a Japanese Company: Impact Analysis

Abdelhak Benfeddoul, Youssef El Hassani, Abdellatif Eddakir, Hamza Samouche
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume X, Issue 1, 179-189, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/756


Purpose: In order to meet both industrial growth and environmental requirements, we have developed in this article an approach for a Lean Management that is interested in reducing waste as well as quality at any level. Desigh/Methodology/Approach: This approach focuses on the formalization and eval-uation of logistics processes. This method and its implementation on the supply chain of a large multinational in automotive wiring are a guide for organizations wishing to be part of a Lean Management approach. More in details we will make a loop on two factors, on the one hand Lean management practices and Human resources, on the other hand we will the Process of Lean management implementation in production lines at a Japanese company in Automotive Cabling (Supply in terms of components and tubes in production lines). Findings: The cost reduction, continuous improvement and industries’ performance are very important topics for organization all over the world, for this reason several companies have implemented lean management to improve and optimize productivity and quality management systems. Practical Implementation: The study suggest that in order to success implementation of lean management, companies should focus on two important issues, first human ressources and its impact on changes (internal and external factors), second involve management in supporting teams to understand the practice of this strategy and its positive result for the organization, this is the only way to improve cost reduction in production lines abd the processes for the organization. Originality value: The assurance of continuous success of the company shows that lean management has become one of the important strategies to implement in order to be more competitive and improve performance.

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