Evaluation of the Impact of Innovation Management on Customer Satisfaction and the Innovative Behavior of Employees: Field Study in Commercial Banks in the State of Kuwait

Fawaz Alhammad, Afaf Bugawa
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume IX, Issue 4, 3-15, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/729


Purpose: This research paper aimed at identifying the impact of innovation management on customer satisfaction and the behavior of innovative employees in commercial banks in Kuwait. Design/Methodology/Approach: Based on the descriptive-analytical approach, the study used the questionnaire on a sample represented by (5) banks in Kuwait (28%). After collecting the study data, the Statistical Analysis Program (SPSS) and PLS were used, several results were reached. Findings: There is a moderate degree of innovation management practice in commercial banks in the State of Kuwait, there are an impact and correlation between innovation management and the innovative climate from one hand and the innovative climate and customer satisfaction, on the other hand. It also showed the impact and correlation between the innovative climate and innovative behavior in the study population. Furthermore, there are an impact and correlation between network theory, innovation management, innovative climate, customer satisfaction, and the behavior of innovative workers. Practical Implication: The study recommended attention to managing innovation and the innovative climate and strengthening network theory in commercial banks. It also recommended stimulating the work of the Training and Development Department in commercial banks in the State of Kuwait. Originality/Value: The value of the study comes to find solutions to weaknesses, if any, and to strengths by not losing any sight of management phenomena and variables that contribute to the development of innovation management in commercial banks.

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