The Empirical Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility Advantage (CSRA) and Organizational Performance: Moderating Effects of Entrepreneurship Orientation in Thailand

Nirusa Sirivariskul
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume IX, Issue 3, 53-63, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/718


Purpose: This research aimed to examine the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Advantage (CSRA) to organization performance which focused on the moderating role of entrepreneurship orientation in the relationship among collaborative network, managerial innovation and organizational performance. Design/Methodology/Approach: A survey questionnaire was used to collect data from 54 firms in Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Industrial Work (CSR-DIW) of Thailand. This study tests hypotheses using hierarchical regression analysis. Findings: The results make contributions to the management literature ndicating that under CSRA such as collaborative network and managerial innovation the interaction with entrepreneurship orientation had a positive influence on organization performance. Practical Implications: Evidence to support the moderating effects provides a discussion on the academics and practitioners for future research. This research provided reasons that firms would be able to take advantage from CSR such as collaborative network and managerial innovation, in terms of knowledge that may encourage a new process which is positive to organization’s strategy, structure, administrative procedures and systems. Originality/Value: This paper focus the impact of CSRA on the organizational performance under entrepreneurship orientation as moderator of CSR-DIW in Thailand. The results will be important for understanding the role of CSRA in a firm’s adaptation to entrepreneurship orientation. CSRA is now widely implemented in many companies because CSRA development should be continually developed and coupled with entrepreneurship orientation, it is necessary to nurture the CSRA attitude of companies, which is more oriented on honesty (awareness to the quality improvement of stakeholders such as employees’ life and their families, local communities and a broad society, the willingness to take CSRA as an important factor for entrepreneurs’ success.

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