Legal Regulation of the Information Space as a Way of Forming Modern Legal Awareness

Irina G. Napalkova, Petr S. Samygin, Galina B. Vlasova, Natalia V. Fedorenko, Vasily I. Vlasov, Svetlana V. Denisenko
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 904-913, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/639


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to study the problem of improving the legal regulation of the information and legal sphere of the Russian state and its impact on the legal consciousness of the Russian society. The authors efforts are aimed at studying the peculiarities of social development, characterized by the expansion of information processes that permeate the activities of state bodies, institutions, enterprises and citizens, which have a huge impact on the formation of legal awareness and legal culture of the entire society. Design/Methodology/Approach: The problems of expanding the information sphere of public life are investigated as a new direction of scientific knowledge, which is complex and diverse, due to the dynamism and instability of this category. Such fundamental concepts as personality, freedom, information, law, and civil society are considered as the fundamental standards of modern life, as the most important ideas which can be applied for the formation of an information society. Findings: Modern legal science in the context of informatization of public life should preserve the moral foundations of law, its adherence to universal values and spiritual guidelines. Currently, the processes of informatization and digitalization of real legal reality are increasing, which contribute to the formation of new civilizational phenomena and processes, the emergence of a new legal understanding, worldview, legal awareness, and legal culture. The new digital reality imposes requirements on legal science and practice related to improving the mechanisms of legal regulation of various spheres of public life based on modern digital technologies. Further development of communication and information technologies provides a new round of development of scientific and technological progress and transformation of society at a new stage of development, defined by the postmodern era. Practical Implications: In connection with the ongoing processes of informatization, the analysis of current legislation that determines the development of the information sphere of public life, which affects the formation of legal awareness, education of the legal culture of society and each individual, is of general particular practical importance. It is legal awareness as the most important legal institution that is one of the main conditions for the development and improvement of legislation, ensuring law and order in public relations Originality/Value: Informatization of social life has led to the emergence of new forms of legal consciousness, has had a significant impact on the formation of the legal culture of society, in which there were previously unknown, so-called digital rights of the individual that define modern life. The development of legislation in the information sphere is of particular importance, since it has a significant impact on the processes of regulating public relations in all areas of modern life, contributes to the formation of a developed legal consciousness and legal culture.

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