Crisis Management by Criminal Proceedings in the Conditions of COVID-19 Pandemic

Veronika V. Kolesnik, Irina V. Kolesnik, Yana B. Getman, Natalia V. Fedorenko, Nadezhda A. Kovtun, Julia V. Fedorenko
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 739-747, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/624


Purpose: The lack of due consideration to opportunities of crisis management in the criminal procedure sphere led to essential failures in implementation of criminal justice. On the basis of the available ideas of crisis management authors highlighted their vision of the specified institute to open the directions of its application in criminal proceedings in the conditions of spread of new coronavirus infection of COVID-19. Design/Methodology/Approach: The complex of methods general (dialectic), general scientific (the analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, system approach, extrapolation, analogy, comparison, system approach, abstraction, a specification, idealization, etc.), specific scientific character is successfully applied to achieve the goal of the study. Findings: Authors consistently analyze crisis situations, content of crisis management and its opportunity in criminal proceedings. Arguments about the outdated nature of criminal proceedings in general and the criminal procedure law in particular in response to crimes during a digital era are specified. Conclusions on reformatting the patterns of criminal proceedings for the purpose of rapid response to crimes in crisis conditions are formulated. Practical Implications: Strategic measures for smooth functioning of a criminal procedure system, including programs of crisis management by criminal proceedings in various crisis situations and also methodical recommendations to them are offered. Originality/Value: Modern realities revealed not readiness of criminal proceedings for response to crimes in crisis conditions. This agenda existed earlier, however, in the conditions of economic, financial and political crises proved not fully. Epidemiological crisis showed not suitability of a criminal procedure system to expeditious and appropriate protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the persons and the organizations injured from crimes and also protection of the personality against illegal and insubstantial accusation, condemnation, restriction of human rights and freedoms.

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