Family Business as a Way of the Entrepreneurship Development in Russia

Yuliya G. Leskova, Anatoly N. Levushkin,Sergey Yu.Morozov, Valery V. Romanov, Sergey G. Berezhny, Leysan E. Rakhmatullina
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 700-709, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/620


Purpose: Nowadays, the participation of a family and its members in the ownership and management of business is an important and practice-oriented process. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop recommendations for improving the legal regulation of family business as a way of improving entrepreneurship in Russia, increasing the level of legal protection of family members in business. Design/Methodology/Approach:To achieve this purpose the authors used the following general and private scientific methods: dialectical, logical, system and complex analysis, comparative legal, formal legal, statistical and legal modeling methods. Findings: The article investigates family business as a way of developing entrepreneurship in Russia, possible economic and legal forms of spouses‘ business. The authors define the legal nature of family business and the specifics of regulating the legal regime of business assets of spouses, and determine some problems of compliance with the rules basing on the analysis of private law regulation of family business.The paper analyzes the draft law "On amendments to the federal law "On the development of small and medium-sized business in the Russian Federation" for fixing the concept "family enterprise" and further progressive and effective legal regulation of family business in our country. The authors make conclusions on the legal grounds of the spouses' business as an object of law and a form of business. Practical Implications: The conclusions and the changes in legal regulation proposed by the author are aimed at legislating the ability of citizens to carry out business in the form of a family enterprise, an effective model for organizing a family business, as well as defining the forms of possible state support for this activity. Originality/Value: The conclusions contribute to improve the legal regulation of family entrepreneurship and spouses‘ business. The conception of family business and family enterprise can become an important anti-crisis legal tool for solving socio-economic, legal and demographic problems of the Russian population, society and the state.

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