Сustomer-Oriented Business Companies in Russia: Compliance with Reality

V.A. Bondarenko, N.V. Przhedetzkaya, E.V. Pisareva, K.A. Larionova, K.V. Borzenko, Yu.A. Shevyakov
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 590-597, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/610


Purpose: The article deals with the issues connected with customer focused business in Russia, whether companies in Russia have real or declared customer focused business, and also the authors specify the importance of the social responsibility of business in building relationships with consumers. Design / Methodology / Approach: The article reveals the objectively popular trend in terms of customer-focused business, and also presents the data on the provision of non-financial reporting by companies that indicates their social responsibility. The authors carried out the analytical review of the views on customer-oriented business, social responsibility in improving the competitiveness of companies. The authors analyzed the research results of customer-oriented business in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and in a number of cities in the regions of Russia. The article analyzes the data on insufficient concern of Russians with the social responsibility of business when choosing goods and services. Findings: According to the research results making choice consumers in Russia, with appropriate social information policy, people will pay more attention to the factors such as the responsibility of companies, non-financial open reports and business commitment to sustainable development goals. In modern conditions, companies need to move from a formal client-centric approach to a real one, along with the social values that will strengthen their market positions. Practical implications: The authors suggest the regular monitoring of the empirical research results on the orientation of business to consumers. Spreading the sustainable development economy values in society is significant, it will increase the social responsibility of business and take this criterion into account in the development and the implementation of the client-oriented business program. Originality/value: The author's approach can become the theoretical basis for the transformation of business in the regions of Russia. It will contribute to implement client-centered practices that include the social responsibility of a company and strengthen its competitive positions.

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