Management Styles of Polish Managers

Dr Ireneusz Zuchowski
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume III, Issue 1, 38-53, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/61


Management style is distinctive and relatively stable behaviour of the manager affecting the employees of the subordinate group. Management style involves personal interactions as well as in a large extent a manager spontaneous reaction in a direct contact with the subordinates.The theoretical part of this work has aimed at presenting problems of management styles and discussed the factors influencing the choice of management style. Furthermore, it provides the leader with the selected concepts and management styles. Particular attention was paid to the Blake Mounton Managerial Grid and W.J. Redline Concepts. The research part presents of the author’s own research and the results obtained by graduates preparing their works under the direction of the author, which are based on the Blake Mounton Managerial Grid. The surveys were conducted among managers of All types of companies (small, medium, large) and different types of public institutions (Police, City Council, Fire Station).These results were contrasted with the results of the management styles presented in the works of other Polish authors. The analysis of the own results and other writers indicates that the most identified style is democratic style. While the studies of other authors show the frequent use of this style but also pay attention to using participation and firefighter management styles.

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