The Moderating Effects of Organizational Programs and Supervisor Support on Work - Family Balance: Evidence from Brazil

Rosario M. A. Miranda Mar, Satyanarayana Parayitam
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume II, Issue 4, 86-107, 2014
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/57


Research on work-family balance has received increasing attention by academicians and practitioners alike. The present study identifies some of the antecedents to work-family balance and the intervening factors that foster the work-family balance. Data was collected from 125 individuals (using a structured instrument) and interviews with a group of 13 individuals from the employees of a public sector institution of the Brazilian Federal Government. The hierarchical regression results indicated that organizational support programs, supervisor support moderated the relationship between type of work, workweek, number of children and age of children, whereas spouse support did not moderate the relationship. The implications for management and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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