Human Resources Management Effectiveness and the Role of Quality Management: Empirical Study in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies

Hisham Abdul Kareem Shaheen, Lama Ismail Mohammad Ahmad, Amer Saadi Kallel Shakkour, Reem Khaled Matahen, Salwa Abdul Fattah Talab Al Azzeh
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VIII, Issue 4, 44-59, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/567


Purpose: This paper aims to understand the role of Quality Management and the effectiveness of Human Resource Management. Design/Methodology/Approach: Both secondary and primary research has been carried out in this study. This paper reviewed all the literature applicable to HRM and QM activities and their application in various fields. The emphasis of the review is on the implementation, the effect on organizational performance, and the metrics encouraged for adopting an organization of practice, particularly of Jordan's pharmaceutical companies. Findings: It has been found that Jordanian pharmaceutical companies understood the advantages of QM activities and believe they will accomplish their goals by using that strategy. Nonetheless, most companies do not take HRM and QM practices because these activities' effectiveness lacks defined reasons and less severe outcomes. Therefore, this paper presents the authors' basic understanding of the relationship between the quality management of human resources and the overall quality control and their effect on company sustainability in Jordan's pharmaceutical companies. Practical Implications: The study seeks to provide a clear understanding of the application of company management standards and procedures. Originality/Value: The research is the result of authors' individual effort. All the ideas used in this paper from other colleagues are properly cited and acknowledged.

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