Techniques for Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of a Commercial Organization based on Classical Methods of Strategic Economic Analysis

N.A. Prodanova, N.S. Plaskova, V.A. Dikikh, L.V. Sotnikova, L.K. Nikandrova, G.A. Skachko
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VII, Issue 4, 35-46, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/330


Purpose: The development of methodological support for assessing the investment attractiveness of a commercial organization, considering modern information requests of stakeholders. Design/Methodology/Approach: As part of the research, the authors have developed an algorithm for investment attractiveness assessment of a commercial organization by using the scenario method of economic analysis. Findings: It is proved that the main disadvantages of the existing methods of assessing investment attractiveness are: the lack of strategic orientation of the assessment; ignoring the influence of most external and internal factors of activity; the inability to assess the risk of investing in the analyzed object; the need to compare with the level of investment attractiveness of similar organizations for an objective interpretation of the results. Practical implications: To eliminate the significant shortcomings of modern methodological support in this area, the authors recommend the use of scenario method of strategic economic analysis in the process of assessing the investment attractiveness of the organization. Originality/Value: The scenario method of strategic economic analysis proposed by the authors complements the existing approaches with the ability to take into account potential risks when making a far-sighted decision to invest in an organization by combining the results of retrospective analysis and forecasting changes in the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of financial and economic activity.

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