Methodological Approaches for Strategic Economic Analysis

N.A. Prodanova, N.S. Plaskova, F.A. Khamkhoeva, R. S. Yandiev, T.Y. Serebryakova, E.A. Ivanov
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VII, Issue 3, 305-316, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/327


Purpose: In the framework of this study, an analysis of domestic experience in the formation of a methodology for conducting strategic economic analysis was carried out. Design: The behavior of strategic economic analysis, in authors’ opinion is defined as a certain process involving several stages, the result of which will be a map for effective strategic business goals. Findings: The authors have distinguish traditional (statistical), economic-mathematical and special techniques in the system of methods of strategic economic analysis; they emphasize the relevance of tools of strategic economic analysis for a commercial organization operating in modern economic conditions, but they focus on the prospects of development in the field of improvement and expansion of the methodological base of this science. Practical implications: The authors substantiated the need to include budgeting in the system of methods of strategic economic analysis and developed an algorithm for conducting strategic economic analysis of the activities of a commercial organization. Originality: As a result of the methodological foundations of strategic economic analysis, a scheme for the correspondence of its methods to the stages of its organization was developed.

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