Fundamental Approaches for the Formation of Integrated Corporate Reporting

N.A. Prodanova, A.S. Davydova, L.V. Sotnikova, S.S. Shevchenko, N.G. Bochkareva, T.A. Polyanskaya
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VII, Issue 3, 293-304, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/326


Purpose: On the basis of the conducted research methodical approaches to formation and disclosure of accounting information for corporate subjects are generalized. Design/Methodology/Approach: According to its internal content, the process of preparation and presentation of integrated corporate reporting is considered by the authors as a set of procedures that form information about the strategic activities of the organization, the creation of additional value over time and the vision of sustainable business development. Findings: The study made it possible to establish that the accounting (financial) statements, while retaining their significance in modern conditions, are no longer considered as the only source of information for business. Much of information requests from interested users to go beyond the scope of the financial indicators and ratios disclosed in it, and therefore, various approaches to the formation of so-called non-financial reporting are becoming increasingly important. Practical implications: The practical significance of the results lies in the development of modern methodological support for the process of preparation and presentation of integrated corporate reporting to create a system of information on various aspects of the performance of the organization, analysis, evaluation, control and justification of strategic management decisions by external and internal subjects of business relations. Originality: In the course of the study, the authors formulated the concept of creating and preparing integrated corporate reporting, providing maximum disclosure of information on the use of resources (capital) and strategic business opportunities.

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