Optimizing the Economic Information Transparency Level of High-Tech Enterprises in the Post-Industrial Globalized Economy

O.N. Dmitriev, S.V. Novikov
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VII, Issue 3, 25-56, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/306


Purpose: Managerial conditions of economic operation of a high technology enterprise as it integrates into the global economy that is essentially postindustrial and globalized were considered in this article. Design/Methodology/Approach: An inevitable immersion of the enterprise into the well-developed external infosphere, as well as a membrane borderline between the external and the internal infospheres were shown. The enterprise was represented dually – as both a donor and a recipient of information resources. Findings: An interpretation of the content of the infosphere was presented. Multiple causes of the discrete nature of the enterprise’s infosphere implementation were shown. The concept of “informational economic transparency” of an enterprise was introduced, and multiple components determining transparency levels were described. Practical Implications: The influence of transformations of informational economic transparency of an enterprise on external impacts on it from legal relations parties. Positive and negative effect of increases and decreases in the informational economic transparency of the enterprise were highlighted in the context of its influence on the economic counterpart and conflict-studies situations. The understanding of the specialized control object was provided. The optimizability of a level of the transparency in the aspect of target orientation of the enterprise was demonstrated. Originality/Value: A structural prototype to the primary support managerial toolkit in the shape of a DSS, a recommender system, allowing to conduct required feasibility studies of managerial decisions was proposed.

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