Civil Society of Modern Russia: Problems of Implementation of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms

A.M. Voronov , M.N. Kobzar-Frolova , V.M. Redkous , A.M. Gogolev
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume VII, Special Issue 1, 243-251, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/268


Purpose: The aim of this article is to identify problems of legal regulation of the development of civil society in modern Russia. Tasks: to analyze the position of legal regulation of legal relations, to compare formed legal relations in link "state – public authorities – society – person" Design/Methodology/Approach: The theoretical basis of the study is works of scientists in the field of administrative law and state administration concerning the guarantee of rights and freedoms of citizens by executive power rights. Authors revealed the features, essence, internal relations and the relationship of state policy and society, to identify the role of administrative law and make own view on their essence and content. Findings: Authors highlight the interconnections between the law and science and disclose the multi-dimensional concept of administration. Practical implications: Authors’ development could be utilized in future developments of Russian legal frameworks at all levels of administration. Originality/Value: The contribution of the article is the comprehensive analysis of legal norm and clarification of basic concepts of administration.

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