Unification and Convergence of Hierarchic Structures Such as Organizational Separations and Product Projects at Creation of Recommending Decision Support Systems

O.N. Dmitriev, S.V. Novikov
International Journal of Economics & Business Administration, Volume VII, Issue 1, 240-268, 2019


Studied the problem of integrated self-management of multilevel hierarchic groups and quasi-groups under modern economic conditions, based on intellectual recommending Decision Support Systems (DSS). Split-level stereotypical linear organizational structures and project organizational quasi-structures involved in implementation of separated product projects and project groups have been conceptually unified. Proved that this unification in question engenders, for each management level, a coordinating inter-project managing system that is toponymical identical to the managing system of this level. Demonstrated that relevant management is organically whole and can be viewed as self-management of a general corporate structure. Discovered that hierarchic economical management can be in principle reduced to a finite sequence of bilevel economical managements of general corporate structures, where the order of hierarchy levels descends from the top level to the bottom one. Presented a schematic description of the basic procedural modes of operation of the respective recommending DSS.

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