Increasing the Budget Costs' Efficiency as a Factor of State Finance Stabilization

O.B. Ivanova, E.D. Kostoglodova, S.S. Galazova, I.G. Prokopenko
International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, Volume V, Issue 1, 120-127, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ijeba/122


The article stands for comprehensive system approach in increasing the effect and performance of budget costs, providing the stability and long-term sustainability of state finance. In recent times Russia has gone to considerable lengths in introduction of result-oriented budgeting both on federal and regional level. In a similar vein, we could highlight the fact that insufficient conditions are created to increase the efficiency of budget costs management. The research paid much attention to the issues connected with evaluation of budget costs' performance in conditions of implementing the concept of budget consolidation and budget constraints. Authors set number of objectives: studying economic essence of “efficiency” and “performance” of budget expenditures; studying the framework of budget stabilization financial support measures; revealing the methodological approaches in budget cost effect evaluation in the framework of program-target budgeting including the regional level. The article concludes with the necessity of improving the evaluation system of criterion-based budget costs' management as well as highlighting the condition when the positive effect of program-target budgeting is reached: firstly, solving of methodological problem of measuring the planned (target) and actual results of budget funding; secondly, taking measures of strengthening the real responsibility of state authorities for accomplishment of target indicators

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