Authors: Nazar Omer Abdallah Ahmed


Environment, organizational culture, development/promotion policies, facilities, compensation and political issues are some of the causes of reduction in the organizational commitment and increase in the level of emotional exhaustion and development of turnover intention among faculty of universities. The occupational psychology of faculty is influenced by diverse elements and specifically, there are various factors that play crucial role in overall organizational commitment emotional exhaustion and turnover intention. The faculty plays a vital role in ensuring the students and society for the quality education. For this study, the faculty members of various departments of selected universities in Riaz, KSA were the target population. The population for this study comprised faculty members of higher education institutions employing approximately 100 or more than 100 faculty members. The results show that all the study variables are significantly related with each others. The mediation results show that organizational commitment partially mediate between the emotional exhaustion and turnover intentions among the faculty of higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Key Words: Emotional Exhaustion, Organizational Commitment, Turnover Intentions, Mediation

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