Authors: Pablo Fernandez, Andrada Bilan


This paper contains a collection and classification of 110 errors seen in company valuations performed by financial analysts, investment banks and financial consultants. The author had access to most of the valuations referred to in this paper in his capacity as a consultant in company acquisitions, sales, mergers, and arbitrage processes.

We classify the errors in six main categories: 1) Errors in the discount rate calculation and concerning the riskiness of the company; 2) Errors when calculating or forecasting the expected cash flows; 3) Errors in the calculation of the residual value; 4)Inconsistencies and conceptual errors; 5) Errors when interpreting the valuation; and 6)Organizational errors.

Key Words: Company Valuations, Valuation Errors, Valuation

JEL Classification: G12, G31, M21

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