Authors: Gaziz Mingaleev, Aleksandr Kushimov, Nikolay Kolesov, Nikolay Uraev


This paper considers the methodological aspects of forming a development strategy for the regional socioeconomic system (by the example of radio-electronic enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan). The paper suggests a conceptual scheme of the macro- and micro-factors’ influence on the regional socioeconomic system. This scheme is based on the study of the market power of enterprise’s contact persons (suppliers, competitors, and consumers) and subjects that have an indirect impact (government, markets, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc.). It has a hierarchic structure and allows coordinating the terms of cooperation for different elements of the socioeconomic system.

Key Words: Radio-Electronic Industry, Socioeconomic System, Strategic Plans, Target-Setting, Economic Resources, Management by Objectives, Regional Development Factors, Assets, Productivity, Operating Efficiency

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