Authors: Athanasios Bizmpiroulas, Konstantinos Rotsios, Georgios Kartsiotis


The food and drink sector has traditionally played a very important role in Greece’s economy. Recently, its importance has grown due to the economic crisis. In order to recover, the country’s economy must become more internationally focused and the food and drink sector can play a crucial role in this effort. The main objective of this paper is to offer an insight into the perception of Greek food and drink exporters on key export success factors. A number of factors have been identified and examined in order to determine their impact on export performance. In particular, we examine the relationship between the company’s export performance and a number of factors, such as the company’s size, experience, dependency on exports, product quality, price and innovation. The findings from a sample of 95 Greek food and drink exporters are analyzed and presented. The paper offers theoretical insights on the determinants of food and drink export success. In addition, it has strong practical implications for enterprises in the food and drink sector currently involved in exports and the ones that plan to export. It is expected that the current economic situation will lead more Greek food and drink companies to attempt expansion into international markets. As they do, they need to have a clear view and understanding of the determinants of successful export performance.

Key Words: Food and Drink Sector, Exports, Key Success Factors

JEL Classification: F14, L83

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