Authors: Eugenia IANCU, Mihaela TULVINSCHI


The audit rules are necessary, they being able to be useful as much for the auditors and for the audit beneficiaries. For the auditors, the rules make first of all a support item, a guide or a support in applying the methods, techniques, procedures and second of all a support and justification item, for the case where difficulties show up. In what regards third-parties, these will be assured that the audit is made by unitary criteria, no matter by whom it is made.

Even if solicited by various firms, in order to raise the credibility of the financial situations they published, the audit process cannot take place at random, without the existence of legal regulations. Due to the increasing importance the audit gets in developing any business, in time imposing the necessity to make professional specific standards, that are to insure a minimum quality of the audit process an a certain performance to the auditor profession.

Key Words: financial audit, accounting rules, international rules, certification standards, globalization process

JEL Classification: M41, M42

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