Authors: Efstathios Dimitriadis, Αthanasios Mandilas, Dimitrios Maditinos


The use of electronic banking is increased rapidly worldwide. However, the percentage of Greek e-banking users, even if it has increased, is still very low. The adoption of e-banking depends on some factors which are connected with the services that the banks offer and the satisfaction from these factors influences, the overall satisfaction.

The aim of this study was the exploration of the perception of Greek e-banking users about the factors affecting the satisfaction from the use of e-banking and moreover the influence of their experiences in the perception’s formation. In order to achieve the aims of this study a research was realized, using a structured questionnaire, in 354 users of ebanking. The results show that Greek customers are quite satisfied from the e- banking dimensions and moreover the dimensions that mostly affect the overall satisfaction are “trust” and “convenience/ usefulness”.

Key Words: E-Banking, Greek Customers’ Behavior, Services’ Evaluation, Familiarity

JEL Classification: G21

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